Maillard vous offre de la viande de boeuf de grande qualité. Vous aimerez certainement ces coupes de viande, provenant de boeufs avec les meilleurs grades; Prime, AAA et AA.

Beef Flap Meat Red Wine And Shallots Marinated
from $9.75 / paquet

Bavette de boeuf marinée vin rouge et échalotes

Boeuf | Poids variable

Its popularity in Canada is fairly recent, but the numbers of beef flap meat aficionados are growing. Enjoyed for generations by our French cousins...

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Striploin Steak
from $8.80 / paquet

Steak de contre-filet

Boeuf | Poids variable

Strip loin steak is a very tender cut located opposite to the beef filet mignon (tenderloin cut). Even though it enjoys a generous marbling, its fa...

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Boneless Ribeye Steak
from $13.50 / paquet

Steak de faux-filet

Boeuf | Poids variable

Rib-eye steak is a boneless rib steak that enjoys more marbling than other steaks, which makes it probably the beefiest tasting of all steaks. Some...

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Beef Flap Meat Dijon Mustard And Herbs Marinated
from $9.75 / paquet

Bavette de boeuf marinée moutarde de Dijon et herbes

Boeuf | Poids variable

Gaining in popularity in Canada over the past few years, flap meat has been a staple of French cuisine for generations, as this grainy meat is very...

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Non-Marinated Beef Flap Meat
from $6.75 / paquet

Bavette de boeuf non-marinée

Boeuf | Poids variable

Flank steak is now popular in Canada, if only for a few years, and the number of is ever increasing. People in France are very fond of this cut. Th...

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Boneless Beef Shoulder Roast
$13.25 / paquet

Rôti d'épaule de boeuf désossé

Boeuf | 1 x 725 g

Braised for several hours, beef shoulder roast becomes incredibly soft and tender. Leaner than a boneless chuck roast, it retains its smooth textur...

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Minced Beef Flap Meat Fajitas Marinated
$11.95 / paquet

Émincé de bavette de boeuf marinée Fajitas

Boeuf | 1 x 500 g

Ready to be sautéed, our thinly sliced marinated flank steak is the perfect complement to tacos, fajitas and quesadillas. Quick and easy to cook, i...

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Boneless Beef Chuck Roast
$18.24 / paquet

Rôti de palette de boeuf désossé

Boeuf | 1 x 1000 g

You might call it quintessential comfort food: nothing is quite as heart-warming as a nice slow-cooked pot roast. For hours, its tantalizing aroma ...

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European Cut Inside Round Steak Marinated
$4.88 / paquet

Bifteck français d’intérieur de ronde mariné

Boeuf | 1 x 250 g

Starting as a moist and lean cut, our French steak reaches tender perfection through tenderizing and a wonderful pepper-seasoned marinade. Slicing ...

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Beef Tenderloin Steak (pack of 2)
from $24.50 / paquet

Steak de filet mignon (paquet de 2)

Boeuf | Poids variable

Guaranteed tenderness! Tenderloin or filet mignon is probably the least active muscle in beef. Even though it’s very lean, it is the tenderest cut....

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