Vous serez impressionné par les produits de canard de Maillard. La viande de canard est exceptionnellement tendre et satisfera tous les appétits.

Boneless Magret Duck Breast
à partir de $14.99 / paquet

Magret de canard désossé

Canard | Poids variable

As the name implies, this very meaty duck breast comes from Mulard duck. A magret has a higher fat coverage and incomparable texture. Cooking is do...

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Boneless Duck Breast
à partir de $7.40 / paquet

Poitrine de canard désossée

Canard | 1 x 240 g

Ready to use, our duck breast can be grilled or pan-fried. Originally from China, Pekin duck has been raised in numbers in Canada for many years no...

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Sliced Duck Foie Gras
à partir de $13.90 / paquet

Foie gras de canard tranché

Canard | Poids variable

Our foie gras comes from specially raised Mulard ducks. Our artisan butchers prepare it for you, removing the nerves and veins and slicing them in ...

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Duck Leg With Whole Back Removed
à partir de $5.29 / paquet

Cuisse de canard sans dos

Canard | Poids variable

Simmered, braised, confit or oven cooked… There are so many ways to enjoy our duck legs. Our Canadian-raised Pekin duck offers meltingly tender mea...

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