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Levitts Naturally Smoked Whole Turkey
$87.45 / paquet

Dinde entière Levitts fumée naturellement

Turkey  |  1 x 5000 g

Right on time for the holidays, we offer the fully cooked and seasoned Levitts whole turkey, naturally smoked with maple wood. Step your holiday co...

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Milk Fed Veal Osso Bucco
$22.50 / paquet

Osso bucco de veau de lait

Veau  |  2 x 250 g

Milanese in origin, osso bucco is a classic Italian dish made with pieces of veal shank braised with white wine, tomatoes, carrots, and fennel. Oss...

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Levitts Montreal Smoked Meat
$11.99 / paquet

Levitts Montréal Smoked Meat

Boeuf  |  4 x 125 g

Levitts Old Fashioned Montreal Smoked Meat makes it possible to prepare an authentic and delicious smoked meat sandwich in minutes. Sliced from 100...

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Fully Cooked Pork Loin Mustard Seasoned
$18.99 / paquet

Longe de porc entièrement cuite à la moutarde

Porc  |  12 x 95 g

Our pork loin is carefully sliced and cooked in its mustard and pepper marinade. All you have to do is reheat it approximately 10 minutes. It’...

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