Viandes marinées

Maillard vous offre un grand choix de produits de haute qualité, telles que des viandes marinées. Vous trouverez ces viandes marinées dans nos produits de boeuf, porc, poulet, et plus.

Bavette de bœuf marinée aux trois poivres
$11.00 / paquet

Bavette de bœuf marinée aux trois poivres

Boeuf | Poids variable

If you are a fan of beef flap meat steak (or bavette), you will be pleased with this one. Its three peppercorn marinade gives it the steakhouse fla...

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Greek Pork Souvlaki Skewers
Porc du Québec
$8.00 / paquet

Brochettes de porc souvlaki mariné à la grecque

Porc | 4 x 55 g

Marinated with an exquisite Greek sauce, Maillard's pork souvlaki skewers are made to be eaten all year long, but they will bring a nice aroma to t...

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Grain-Fed Chicken Wings Chipotle Fire Marinated
Poulet du Québec
$9.00 / paquet

Ailes de poulet de grain marinées chipotle piquant

Poulet | 1 x 500 g

Our spicy and lightly smoked chipotle flavoured grain-fed chicken wings will set ablaze any TV sporting event or series marathon! They might be fin...

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Boneless Skinless Chicken Thighs Shish Taouk Marinade
Poulet du Québec
$12.75 / paquet

Hauts de cuisse de poulet désossés marinade Shish...

Poulet de grain | 1 x 400 g

Fully trimmed, our chicken thighs are deboned with the utmost care. Try them in your favourite stir-fry! With their slightly higher fat content, ou...

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