Quebec Nordic Shrimp (125/175)
Produit du Québec
$18.00 / paquet

Crevettes nordiques du Québec (125/175)

Poisson et fruit de mer | 1 x 454 g

Our Quebec Nordic shrimp are already seasoned, cooked and peeled, which is so convenient. Just thaw, open the bag and start tasting them without ho...

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Grain-Fed Chicken Drumsticks, Maple Syrup & Chipotle Seasoned
Poulet du Québec
$7.25 / paquet

Pilons de poulet de grain assaisonnés érable et c...

Poulet de grain | 4 x 150 g

A culinary cross between Mexico and your favourite sugar shack, maple-pepper-chipotle-seasoned grain-fed chicken drumsticks will most certainly wak...

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Maillard Eat Local Box
Produit du Québec
$150.00 / coffret

Coffret Maillard mangez local


You care about what you eat? Us too. For several years, we have been encouraged to consume local product, and it's even more true this year. And no...

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