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Maillard est une boucherie en ligne qui vous propose une vaste sélection de viandes d'une qualité exceptionnelle. Voyez tous nos produits de boeuf, porc, poulet, canard, veau et agneau.

Smoke Show Aioli
$8.99 / article

Aioli Smoke Show

Sauces and Spices  |  250 ml

An incredibly delicious aioli made with lightly smoked jalapeño peppers. Ingredients: Canola oil, jalapenos peppers, water, vinegar, liquid whole e...

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Smoke Show Hot Sauce
$8.99 / article

Sauce piquante Smoke Show

Sauces and Spices  |  250 ml

An incredibly delicious hot sauce made with lightly smoked jalapeño peppers and sweetened with Canadian maple syrup.  Ingredients: Jalapeño peppers...

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Lamb Chops Herbs And Mustard Seasoned
$11.75 / paquet

Côtelettes d'agneau assaisonnées fines herbes et ...

Agneau  |  4 x 100 g

Unexpected guests show up on your doorstep? Thaw a couple of lamb chop packages in cold water and there, you're ready to roast a perfect restaurant...

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Fully Cooked Pork Loin Mustard Seasoned
$18.99 / paquet

Longe de porc entièrement cuite à la moutarde

Porc  |  12 x 95 g

Our pork loin is carefully sliced and cooked in its mustard and pepper marinade. All you have to do is reheat it approximately 10 minutes. It’...

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Levitts Montreal Smoked Meat
$11.99 / paquet

Levitts Montréal Smoked Meat

Boeuf  |  4 x 125 g

Levitts Old Fashioned Montreal Smoked Meat makes it possible to prepare an authentic and delicious smoked meat sandwich in minutes. Sliced from 100...

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Milk Fed Veal Osso Bucco
$22.50 / paquet

Osso bucco de veau de lait

Veau  |  2 x 250 g

Milanese in origin, osso bucco is a classic Italian dish made with pieces of veal shank braised with white wine, tomatoes, carrots, and fennel. Oss...

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Levitts Naturally Smoked Whole Turkey
$87.45 / paquet

Dinde entière Levitts fumée naturellement

Turkey  |  1 x 5000 g

Right on time for the holidays, we offer the fully cooked and seasoned Levitts whole turkey, naturally smoked with maple wood. Step your holiday co...

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Lamb Stew Cubes
$14.50 / paquet

Cubes d'agneau à mijoter

Agneau  |  1 x 500 g

Our cubed stewing lamb is carefully prepared using the boneless shoulder cut. Our artisan butchers trim them to perfection, leaving on a small amou...

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Lamb Chops
$11.25 / paquet

Côtelettes d'agneau

Agneau  |  4 x 100 g

Marinated for a short while or simply seasoned with salt and pepper, our lamb chops are already tender and easily prepared. Grill on the barbecue o...

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Lamb Shank
À partir de $7.00 / paquet

Jarret d'agneau

Agneau  |  Poids variable

The shank of a lamb must be cooked for several hours to make it tender. Easy to cook, braised in the oven or slow cooker, serve it with egg noodles...

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Fully Cooked Smoked BBQ Baby Back Ribs
$9.99 / paquet

Côtes levées de porc fumées BBQ entièrement cuites

Porc  |  1 x 700 g

NEW! Our baby back ribs are delicious and ready to eat. Already fully cooked, you will just need to warm them up in the oven or on the grill. They ...

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